Photographs by

Alejandro Garcia Photography
Website:   www.clickcaptureshare.com 
Instagram:  @AlejandroGarcia.Photography 

Crafty Friends - (l to r)  Nancy, Trina, Susan, me, Christine, Dolly

Christine adding some stenciling to her pretty blue and yellow background

Lots of Laughs!

Christine shares her beautiful finished stenciled card front.

Christine's baby Tika wanted to be learn too!

Susan sponging bright yellow on her tag.

Everyone working hard.

Susan shares her gorgeous thistle tag.

Here I am sponging blue through a stencil over a watercoloured background.

I'm stenciling over the tulips again, this time with glass bead gel.

I'm sharing my card front with Dolly.

Dolly's first time using embossing paste through a stencil!

Dolly removing excess paste.

The great reveal!  Dolly loves mixed media!!

Hammy keeping a watchful eye on all of us.

Nancy's turn to sponge through a stencil.

Bright and beautiful pink and yellow combination!

Nancy shares her finished card front --- so pretty!

Nancy sharing a wonderful underwater scene she created with alcohol inks.

Trina having a great time.

Trina adding paste through stencil to her gorgeous background.

Trina carefully removing her piece.

Trina's gorgeous finished card fronts ... four different mixed media techniques.  Success!!

Thanks to Alex for spending a
few hours photographing us having fun at our retreat!


Christine Alexander said...

Alex took some amazing pictures we all look as thought we are having such a great time :). Can't wait till next year.

Julia Aston said...

What a fun gathering with great crafting!

Mac Mable said...

Thank you for sharing these fun and wonderful photos. You all look like you had so much fun and learnt lots...Hammy too x

Harriet Skelly said...

Thanks for sharing these photos Loll! I hope Darnell remembered to give you a hug from me!

scrappindede said...

What fun! And you are all doing such beautiful work. Can't wait to see all the finished products!

Quillish said...

Wow.. this is so much fun! I see you trying so many techniques and those are dive stunning results. To tell the truth..Am so jealous!

Debbie Nutt said...

The photos show how much fun you all were having! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the talent. Keep meeting,ladies! It's doing you good!

Ina G said...

Thanks for sharing your fun with us. Off course we are all sooooooo jealous. Fabulous results fro. You all.

Papercraft Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Loll! Alex is a wonderful photographer. He catches great moments crisp and sharp.
Looking forward to seeing more of what you created in the finished cards (like today's post)! Hideko xx

Loll said...

Hi Harriet. Yes she did!!! Hugs back to you! xx

The Ink Tinker said...

Hi Loll, Wish I lived closer and could see all your wonderful work from the retreat up close and personal. I really enjoy following you on Bloglovin' - I think I found you there from Pinterest! I wanted to know if you are planning a video on the "swipe technique" or a description of how to do it.
I'd love to learn. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with us.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Fabulous pics! Wish I had a fun crew to craft with too!!!

Kia said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time and made some great cards.

Pat said...

Wonderful photos Loll, and you obviously all had a great time. Some beautiful pieces of work on display too. x

Bobby said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures.

Emma said...

Wow.. this is so much fun! Thanks for Sharing

Helen Liu said...

I adore that you talented ladies had such awesome craft retreat and I think your apron is perfect. Where can I buy it?

Loll said...

Glad you like the aprons Helen. I made them just for the retreat. :) xx

Jeff said...

Thank for sharing this fun pictures.

Jason said...

Thanks for sharing this. You all of these have great fun together. Alex is such a great photographer. You spend a great time together.

Jeff Parker said...

Thanks for sharing a nice post. You are an excellent photographer. Your post is very attractive.