We adopted Jessie and brought her home from the B.C. Interior on July 25, 2019.  She has the most amazing personality and keeps us entertained. :)  She is a loving dog that just wants to be with me (her mommy) from the time she wakes up in the morning until she goes to bed (and of course, she sleeps on our bed as well).  :)

I've added all the photos of Jessie that I have posted throughout my blog since bringing her home, plus a few more.  I hope you enjoy.  It's very uplifting to see that adorable face!

The photos are in reverse chronological order with the newest photos at the top.

More will be added as each month ...

November 2021

Visit with Fran, Deb, and Emma

Sleepover at Violeta's
Jessie looking out the front window looking for squirrels


October 2021
Jessie resting by the fire after Thanksgiving turkey dinner. :)

Jessie & Violeta's yearly portrait under the red maple tree

September 2021
Jessie out in the backyard enjoying the rain.

August 2021
Jessie has first meeting with Attalie,
(a Bernese Mountain Dog about 10 times larger than Jessie!). :)
They liked each other right away.

July 2021
Jessie cuddles with Auntie Dee and meets Tucker for the first time.


June 2021
Belly Rub Time

May 2021


April 2021
Jessie meets Emma for the first time.


March 2021
Sharing an ice cream cone with Vi

January 2021
Right Hip Surgery

December 2020
Christmas Day - new bandanas

November 2020
New glove to play with - red is Jessie's favourite colour!

October 2020
New toy - Jessie LOVES squirrels!

September 2020

July 2020

                 Haircut - before ...                                              ... and after

June 2020
Jessie loves Nana - gave her a kiss on the ear.

May 2020

Bad Hair Day!

Sharing lunch with Daddy



April 2020


March 2020

February 2020





January 2020

New toy

First time seeing snow


December 2019

November 2019


                                             Deb                                                           Fran

Jessie's First Photo Shoot (Nov. 2) - by Alex








October 2019

The Gang (Tessa, Violetta, Tika, Jessie)

                                                                              Christine                                         Susan


                                      Parker & Jessie

September 2019


I stepped away for a minute and Jessie helped herself to my coffee.
                                                                                         Waiting for Mommy to finish commenting.
                                          It's bed time!


August 2019

                         Meeting Ozzy for the first time.                                                Jer, Ozzy, Jessie




                                               Alex                                                                           Nana





July 2019 - Jessie is Home!




Papercraft Boutique said...

I remember all of the pictures. It's so good to see Jessie's growth and her adorable (and sometimes funny) facial expressions all in one page!
Hideko xx

Darnell said...

I'm not very observant am I, that I have never noticed this tab until tonight? What a fabulous idea, Lolly! It's a wonderful permanent photo album with excellent professional photos of sweet Jessie!! Love, Dolly

Mac Mable said...

Ohhhh I so enjoyed scrolling through these cute, adorable and fabulous photos. What a great idea to put them all in one place Loll x. Love Mac xx

Brenda in IN said...

I just saw this tab today and I love all the sweet pictures of Jessie and all her friends. She is a sweetie.