Sunday, July 03, 2011

In the Studio with Lili and Natasha

Today Lili and Natasha came over for a card class.  We made Cone Flower cards, similar to the one I made in June.  It has lots of new tips & tricks for them to learn about ...  I showed them how to: add layers of flower petals to add depth (paper tole); add a grid using the Scor-Pal; add texture to flowers by grating cardstock into "fluff" and gluing to parts of a flower.  I also showed them how to make carnations and rolled roses using the scallop circle punch.  They each made one carnation (to be used later) and three rolled roses which they added to an easel card that they made.  I took a picture of the Cone Flower cards but forgot to take a picture of the easel cards :(

All three cards are so beautiful!!  I love the angles that Natasha used on her card!
Thanks so much Lili and Natasha for spending the afternoon with me ... it was so much fun!  And thank you again for the lovely goodies from Applewoods!

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