Friday, May 03, 2013

Loll's Card Candy in Action

Nancy's card

Hi everyone.  I wanted to share the few cards with you.  The beautiful creation above was made by my good friend, Nancy Littrell.  When I made my first set of card candy, I sent a package of each to Nancy and she has used them on several of her cards.  Thank you for letting me share your card, Nancy ... I absolutely LOVE it!!!

I sent packages of my second card candy to another wonderful on-line friend, Bonnie of Stamping with Klass.  Today, I was excited to see that she made a card using my large daisy as her focal point ... and she agreed that I could share it with you.  Thank you Bonnie ... I am so happy that you liked the flowers and the card you created is amazing!

Bonnie's card


Welcome to new member Julie!!!!


  1. What a gorgeous CAS card.. love the die. And what a beautiful card Bonnie created with that flower

  2. Gorgeous card Bonnie using the large daisy. Aren't we just so lucky to have such a talented girlfriend like Loll :-) Thanks again Loll

  3. How delighted you must be to see your candy used so brilliantly on these cards! A tribute to your talents, Lolly!!

  4. How lovely of you to post these, they have made great use of the candy, off to tell them myself!

  5. Loll, has Nancy got a blog?

    1. Hi Sandie. Nancy doesn't have a blog. I've added the link to her posting on Splitcoast Stampers so you can take a look. You can leave her a message there. Loll xx

  6. Just love what your ladies have done with your card candy..such gorgeous cards


  7. Your card candy is AMAZING, Loll! I saw Bonnie's card already this morning and planned to cisit you and tell you so. Then this post of yours showed up in my blog feed. Thanks for sharing these cards!

  8. Nancy's card is a gem. Bonnie's card too!

    Candy for cards has a double meaning.The gift that gives back.

    Hope your family is well.

  9. Thanks again for the "candy" and for the shout out!

  10. Your card candy looks fab on Nancy's and Bonnie's cards, Loll!

  11. Your friends have made awesome cards -the flowers you've made are just wonderful. Have a fun rest of the weekend! xx

  12. Both of those cards are really gorgeous. How nice of you to share them on your blog with us. Absolutely wonderful.


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