Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Hi Everyone.  Yesterday was our family dinner and we were to celebrate the 1st anniversary for Evan and Nikki (DS and DDIL).  Next week will be their anniversary ... can't believe how quickly the past year has gone.  The years are flying by faster and faster as I get older!

In the end, we all got together, but there wasn't much of a celebration.  Hubby fell off a ladder yesterday, injuring his back ... so off in the ambulance to the hospital for tests.  Luckily, no major problems and they released him several hours later.  He's in terrible pain and it's going to be a long time before he's feeling good again.  I'm thinking of selling the ladder while he's laid up and can't protest too much :)

On the card above ... I used a sweet digital image from Bugaboo, covering up the original pot for the flowers and replacing it with a stitched pocket.  The hearts and leaves are colored with copics ... and the sentiment is from a digital stamp set from Lisa's Doodley Doos.  I scored two lines at both ends of the banner to fold it back and create some dimension.

I'm entering this into the challenge at Inkspirational #62 (use markers or pencils).

This card is for a number of challenges at SCS's Dare to Get Dirty Challenges (you must be a Fan Club member to join in).


Just a quick other thing ... haven't posted a picture of Cooper for a while so wanted to share this with you.  He's 7 1/2 months old now and able to sit up on his own and is starting to move around a bit, but not crawling yet --- it won't be long!

Also wanted to mention about the sweet baby bandana bib Cooper is wearing.  His mom (Nikki) is so creative and crafty and she has designed and sewn several bibs, teething rings, etc. and has started her own on-line business call "Cooped Up Creationz" ... isn't that adorable!! :)

CLICK HERE to find Cooped Up Creationz on Facebook ... or HERE'S the link to the Etsy shop.

Digital Stamps:  Flower Pot 4 (Bugaboo Stamps); Pal Penguins (Lisa's Doodley Doos)
Paper:  White (Neenah)
Ink:  Copics; Real Red (SU!)

Inkspirational #62



So sorry to hear about your husband's fall Loll - I do hope his back is back to normal very soon.

Baby Cooper is totally adorable and very hugable! I can't believe it's so long since he was born - time really does fly quickly.

Love the card - the "altering" is brilliant - great idea to make the pocket!

Sending Get Well wishes - Sylvia xx

sandie said...

oh gosh was a day, sorry to hear about your hubby, hope he recovers soon and I think getting the ladder sold sounds like a good idea! And Cooper sure is growing and looking more adorable with every photo.
What a great idea to use this stitched pocket, it looks perfect with these flowers. Thanks for joining us at Ink x

Julie B said...

Oh dear Loll hope your hubby is up and running soon, I should sell the ladder on the QT!
Great idea to re invent the stamp and baby Cooper is so cute. They grow up so fast don't they?

Lee-Anne said...

Oh poor Gord...hope he heals very quickly! Yup, sell that ladder ASAP! OMGoodness, Cooper is such a sweetie. And what a clever Mom he has...good for her!

Lee-Anne said...

Oops and gee your card, Loll! That pocket is adorable!

Bonnie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gord's accident and hoping he feels much better very soon! Sounds like it would be a good idea to let the ladder go! Cooper is so adorable! Oh, my, but they grow so fast! Love the anniversary card! Great idea to put the "flowers" in a pocket and I love the sentiment and banner.

shirley-bee said...

Definitely sell the ladder! Love that cute flower image, love that cute baby image even more :)

Anita in France said...

So sorry to hear about DH, Loll ... hope he's on the mend soon. Yes, sell the ladder! Cooper looks so adorable in his bandana. Sweet heart flowers in their stitched pocket ... so pretty! Anita :)

Barb Ghig said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby, Loll! Thank heaven it wasn't worse, but it's no fun to deal with all that pain! I sure hope he heals quickly!

Baby Cooper is absolutely adorable! What a sweet smile he has...and I love his bib! Your DIL is so creative!

Such a fabulous card, too! I love the bold red heart flowers and how you added the pocket! It's such a unique design detail for your CAS card...Love it!

Unknown said... awful for youf hubby (and you)! Hope he's feeling better soon but I'm with you on getting rid of the ladder. Dangerous things! Fabulous card and even more fabulous photo of Cooper - he's adorable. Seems like crafting is well and truly in the family!

Karen x

OH Babs said...

Sweet card. Adorable Cooper. Feel and heal wishes to DH.

Susan said...

So sorry to hear about Gord - I do hope he recovers quickly. I'm glad you could still get together - love the anniversary card!

Benzi said...

Your card is awesome and the digital image is so adorable. The pocket looks great.
Oh, your poor hubby. My hubby almost had a terrible accident on a ladder. It was up very high (where he shouldn't have been) and the ladder started falling. When it got fairly close to the ground, he jumped off. He did hurt his knee but it is getting better. No more ladders for him unless it is low to the ground.

Your little Cooper is cute as a button and the bandana bib so cute.

Lisa Lara said...

Now how precious is Cooper! Aren't you just enjoying being a Grandma Loll! Love this sweet, happy Anniversary card. It just makes me happy with those hearts and that banner.

Rufus said...

Hope that hubby is feeling a teeny, tiny bit better. As for selling the ladder...if he's like my hubby he'll just go buy a new one or else use something even worse, all cobbled together! But I think you can be sure that he's going to be extra extra careful with them from now on...heck HE might even sell it! Cooper is simply adorable.

cm said...

Hope your husband is feeling much better; back injuries are no fun whatsoever! Your little grandson is adorable to the max! Once he starts walking..oh my! More fun just waiting to be had! He'll keep everybody hopping and happy! Your card is so charming; everyone needs a pocketful of those pretty heart-flowers!! Gorgeous - and perfect for an anniversary!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness Loll, I'm so glad that hubby isn't still in the hospital, but I'm sure he will have a lot of healing to do after that fall. I think that I would be wanting to sell that ladder too!!! I sure hope he heals fast and the pain soon leaves him. Your card is simply beautiful. I love those hearts and that cute pocket. What a great way to cover something you don't want to use. Perfect anniversary card for your DS and DDIL. I love, love that picture of Cooper, how cute is he?!! I also love the cute bandanna bib he has on. I will have to check out your DIL's shop. Healing prayers on the way for hubby. Hugs, Brenda

Darnell said...

Oh, Lolly, I'm so sorry to hear about Gord! I hope he recovers smoothly and quickly, although I know those back injuries can be difficult. And, yes, please, give away that ladder!!

Thank you for sharing the photos of your adorable Cooper!! My goodness, it seems like yesterday that you posted the new baby photo! Good luck to Nikki with her business!! Cooper looks like a good, happy boy!!

Your anniversary card, of course, is perfect in every way!! Hugs, Dolly

nancy littrell said...

OMG did I ever miss this ADORABLE picture of Cooper?!?

I think I got so caught up in Gord's fall I did not scroll down far enough to see Cooper. Loved his bib by his mommy too. So much talent in the family :-) TFS my friend. Hugs......

MaryH said...

So sorry to hear about the fall, and hope the mending won't be long or awful either. (Yep, I'd sell the ladder while he doesn't know you've done it!). Aren't you clever to cover up the flower pot with the stitched pocket. It's so pretty the way you've done this. Enjoyed seeing the picture of the little one too. He's growing so fast! Hope things settle down at your house and that you can have a pleasant wkend. TFS & Hugs

Deepti said...

Sorry to hear about ur hubby :( hope he is better now. I love ur card and cute Cooper !