Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Twelve Tags of Christmas Wrap-Up

Hi everyone.  Today I'm announcing the winners of the Twelve Tags of Christmas event as picked by our independent judge.  I am thrilled to say that there were 100 entries this year --- AWESOME!

I was so impressed by all the beautiful and unique designs.  I enjoyed visiting each and every entry to find out how you made your tags.  Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

Meet the Judge
Jeremy with Violeta

If you've been involved in either of the other two year's of my tag events, you'll know that I ask my youngest son, Jeremy to judge the tags and come up with the top picks.  Jeremy has a degree in Visual Arts and a Master of Arts Education.  Here's a few words from Jeremy about this year's tag event.

"The third annual "Twelve Tags of Christmas" event, hosted by my Mom, was a resounding success!  Viewing the tags one by one, I was delighted and inspired by the skill and artistry of all the entries.  As well, I enjoyed seeing contribution from the younger generation, as Emily and Ryan showcased their budding creativity in two unique designs.

It is my privilege to announce the top five designs for 2016 "Twelve Tags of Christmas" event." --Jeremy

Winning Tag
#46 Nancy S

CONGRATULATIONS to Nancy S. for the winning design.  Nancy's tag is, in a word, stunning.  The elegant gold accents blend seamlessly with the rich, warm tones of the sophisticated background.  Furthermore, the opalescent ornament is the ultimate jewel of glamour.  This design embraces the magic of light of the holiday season -- even without a holiday sentiment.   -- Jeremy

Congrats Nancy!
Please make sure to grab your badge.

Top Four Tags
(in order of entry)

#18 Bobby

#41 Sarah

#62 Linda

#97 Nancy L.

"Congratulations to Bobby, Sarah, Linda and Nancy who receive top tag mentions for their exceptional designs.  Each tag has a notable point of view and a unique aesthetic."  -- Jeremy

Congrats Bobby, Sarah, Linda and Nancy.
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Honourable Mentions

There's so much inspiration in this year's gallery (and past years as well).  Check out the Pinterest Boards by clicking the links below.

Thanks to everyone that played along or left comments of support.  I hope you've enjoyed the third edition of the Twelve Tags of Christmas.


Mac Mable said...

What fabulous winners...Amazing and wonderful tags. Such a variety, very creative and so inspirational. Glorious entries in the gallery. Thank you Loll for another resounding success.Thank you for all your hard work in organizing the fabulous event x

nancy littrell said...

OMG...I am absolutely Stunned that my "Oh Joyful" Christmas tag was a Top 5 Winner. Thank you so much Jeremy for the honor and Loll...oh my, how can we thank you enough for your very successful and hugely Creative Annual Tag Event?!? Thank you So Much my friend.

Nancy..Your Stunning, Elegant Tag Winner is so deserving to be The Best this year! All the other winners tags are so creative and beautiful too. So much amazing inspiration by the entire gallery! You must be so pleased my friend. Already Loll, I can't wait for your next years Tag Event. A big hug, Nancy

Sue said...

Indeed, Nancy's winning tag is stunning in every way - the gorgeous die cuts and amazing background and colours are just beautiful. Congrats to all the winners and HMs, and thank you to Loll. I've enjoyed looking at all the wonderful tags.

Susan said...

I'm thrilled that Nancy S.'s tag was the winning tag - I thought it was so beautiful and so creative. All of the Top Tags and Honourable Mentions are wonderful too.

Ingrid said...

Such beautiful tags - makes me wish I could stamp right now!!! Great series my friend. :)

Linda said...

Oh my! What an honor to be in the Top 5 Tags .... thank you so much Jeremy, and for the honorable mention too! Thanks again Loll for a fabulous event .... it was so much fun.
Congratulations to all the Top Tags and the Honorable Mentions ..... Nancy S your tag was stunning!!! xx

MaryH said...

Jeremy had an awesome task to judge all the fantastic entries - and I'm thrilled that he picked as #1 the awesomely beautiful & sparkling tag by Miss Nancy! An excellent choice, and I agreed with Jeremy on Ryan and Emily's tags too. When you see youngsters enjoying creating, that warms the heart. Congratulations to the other winners, totally well deserved. I'm so happy for you that the challenge had such participation, and again, Jeremy had some hard choices to decide among! He did good too! TFS & for hosting the Tag challenge! Hugs.

Bonnie said...

Great job, Jer! Congratulations to Nancy and all the honorable mentions! Awesome tags each! Thanks for hosting this, Loll and to Jer for judging!

Mrs A. said...

The winning tag is awesome. Congratulation to the winners. Hugs Mrs A.

Nstiz said...

Oh my gosh, what an honor! Having viewed all of the entries I can't imagine how difficult it was for Jeremy to choose from all that talent! I had such fun with this and can't wait for next year. Thanks so much for hosting this! Congratulations to all the winning tags!

nwilliams6 said...

Great choices! So many awesome tags in this challenge - can't wait until next year!! Maybe we could could have the 12 tags of Valentines or Easter!!! Hugz

Darnell said...

Well done, Jeremy, and great photo! That can't have been an easy job!! Congratulations to all the worthy winners! Thank you again, Lolly, for this event which brings us so much inspiration!! Hugs, Dolly

Christine Alexander said...

Jeremy such great work in choosing the tags, did Violetta make the final decision just joking) Nancy you are such an artist with your mixed media so I' really happy you were the winning tag. Congrats everyone else, there were some awesome tags posted, I loved them all.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations to all the winners! And that includes everyone who entered! The top pick though...absolutely stunning!!

Marcia said...

Congrat to all the winners. It must be so difficult to pick a winner because everyone tag was so beautiful. Gorgeous!! Such fun to look through your Pinterest boards!!

Barb Ghig said...

Congrats to Nancy and the Top Tags and HM's! Every one of your tags are gorgeous, and so deserving! Another fabulous and successful challenge, Loll ~ Thank you for inspiring us!

Tee said...

Congrats to Nancy-Such a stunning tag! Some beautiful tag makes in this event! Thank you for hosting!

Pat said...

Congratulations to Nancy and the top tags and honourable mentions. With so many wonderful entries it must have been a tough task for your son Jeremy and all the chosen tags were worthy of being picked out, and Nancy's was such a beautiful gold creation. x

My Paper Epiphany said...

WOW! Nancy's tag is totally amazing! I am in awe of the beautiful highlighted tags and feeling very inspired! Great job Loll hosting another wonderful event:)

Bobby said...

I can see why Nancy's tag was the winner. It is absolutely stunning. I am astonished that my little tag was chosen in the top 4. Thank you Jeremy for your artistic eye and thanks to you, Loll, for hosting such a wonderful challenge. Congratulations to all the other winners and entrants who went above and beyond in their creativity.

BożenA said...

I love you for organizing every year this wonderful challenge. Here I found so many extraordinary inspiration. Thank you for the participants and all Loll. Your son had an incredibly difficult task, but the choice is perfect :-)

Karen Dunbrook said...

again this year the tag event was so inspiring and wonderfully done. What a hard the winner, amazing!!