Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Favorites for 2012

Hi everyone.  I have noticed several blogs I follow have posted their favorite cards they made for the past year.  In fact, there is a contest posted on Debby's blog here!

So I decided to join in the fun.  It was tough to pick just five from my 293 cards from last year ... that's right, I made 293 cards - whew!! :)  That is a lot of time (and fun) spent in my art studio ... and loving every minute of it!

Here goes:



I also want to thank everyone that included my cards in SCS's Best of 2012 list ... I am so honored!

And I want to thank everyone that takes the time to look through my blog ... and especially to those that leave me comments - I really appreciate your kind words and they encourage me to keep creating!

Happy New Year everyone!!



diana said...

Thanks for sharing your creativity here. Best wishes for 2013! ;-)

Sue said...

All really beautiful, Loll! Those coneflowers with the fluffy centres look amazing. I do so enjoy looking at your cards, thank you for sharing. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and your family. Hugs, Sue x

Unknown said...

Oh Loll, how on earth can you pick just 5 cards - they are all stupendous. I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing inspiration. Every time you post I am always blown away. It's been amazing working with you this year - long may it continue. Wishing you and your family the happiest New Year.


Karen x

Misty Morgan said...

I love all your cards! So beautiful, delicate and gorgeous. Great designing! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Nonni said...

Hi Loll, your cards are pieces of art, this collection really shows it! You are one of the most inspirational crafters I've got to meet in the internet. Delicate Branches and Happy Birthday Frances are maybe my favorites here... Hard to decide! :)

Donna Nuce said...

Your cards are all so gorgeous Loll. Happy New Year!

Susan said...

How could you only pick 5? I love so many of your cards. You did choose one of my all time favourites of your cards - Happy Birthday, Frances - I just love that card!

Happy New Year - here's hoping for good health for all our loved ones!

Lisa Lara said...

Such beauties. I agree with Susan.........if I had to choose five faves of your cards I could not stop at five. Happy New Year Lolly Girl.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Five that's for sure Loll! I love coming here to see what you've been up to... always inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bonnie said...

These were all among my favorites of your cards along with many, many others! You are such an inspiration and I feel like I learn something every time I visit your blog! Happy New Year, Loll!

nancy littrell said...

Dear Loll, I also had all these cards in my fav's. I finally got my CAS fav's posted on SCS. Guess which stamper had the most? YOU, of course, but I had many more of your beauties in my fav's too.
Thanks for always inspiring and being such a wonderful friend too. Hugs, Nancy

Jeanne H said...

Yes, these are beautiful, and among my favorites. Thanks for sharing so much, Loll. Happy 2013!

Irene said...

Beautiful and stunning cards.

shirley-bee said...

I've definitely got more than 5 favourites of your cards, Loll! Thanks for all your inspiration during last year, and here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

Lola G. said...

The five that you picked certainly are fabulous – enjoy the crafting adventures that the new year brings!

debby4000 said...

Absolutely love your gorgeous cards no wonder they're your favourites.
Thank you for joining My Favourite Five of 2012

Colorado Crafter said...

Hi Loll,

I'm a new subscriber to to your blog. I've visited some before, but have only been subscribed for a couple of days. Today I had a little time so I was looking at some of your cards from earlier this year. I had never heard of the SCS "best of" lists as you mentioned here in this post, so I was wondering if you can tell me where I might find the list you mentioned here. I tried doing a search for a list with this name, but nothing came up. I use SCS a little bit, but must admit I have some trouble navigating around the site sometimes... it's so big and in my opinion, sometimes complicated, so I pretty much stick to reading a couple of forums that I subscribe to along with the Weekly Inkling and looking at various galleries every now and then.

So, anyway, your cards are lovely and I can certainly see why you would be included in a list of SCS's best!