Sunday, July 24, 2016

No Reply Blogger Notice

Hi everyone.  A few of my blogging friends have recently done posts on a common problem faced by many bloggers.  I thought I'd join them to pass along info on how we can be better connected.

Do you get comments on your blog without a return email address??  Lots of times I get comments from people and it has their name, but the email address is "No Reply Blogger", or it comes in as "via".  There is no way to return those comments directly.

I like to followup up with people that send me comments.  Mostly because I really appreciate them taking the time to send me a message, but it also gives me the opportunity to get to know people a little better.  Sometimes it's just to share a mutual appreciation for each other's work, and sometimes it is the start of a good friendship.

Many people that leave comments don't even realize that they come up as "No Reply Blogger".  They assume their their email is being included, but a lot of the time it is not.

If you want to find out how your comments come through to others, leave yourself a comment on one of your blog posts (you can delete it afterwards).  It will send you an email and you can see for yourself if your email address is included.

If your email isn't included you can EASILY change this.  It's in your Blogger Profile.  Open your blogger dashboard (the place where you start posts, etc.) and you will see your profile picture at the top right.  Click on your picture and a drop-down menu will appear, click on "Blogger Profile".  It opens with your profile picture, list of blogs you follow, etc.  At the top right is an "Edit Profile" button ... click on it. It has a list of items with check boxes. Make sure the line "Show my email address" is checked and then hit the "Save" button at the very bottom to save your changes.

A simple fix to keep us all better connected.

Thank you and have a great day!


  1. I can just about deal with that part but what's getting me are the ghost posts that are occurring when I up date my draft post! Think it is something to do with the https of some links. No idea how to correct it other than just delete the extras! :(

  2. Loll I did this yesterday and was really please with myself...however I was on Google+ and to do this I had to revert back to blogger and therefore have lost my google + followers...I am sticking with blogger as I think it's important as I don't want to be a no blogger but thought this might be helpful x

    1. meant to read reply blogger xx Thanks Loll x

  3. Thanks for the tip Loll! I always reply to people who comment on my blog, when I get the notifications through and always assumed that by replying on the same e-mail that they would get my reply . . . I will go and check mine now! I hope you have had a lovely weekend! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  4. Love this, Loll! Not only was I one of those, until someone kindly told me, but I didn't have clear instructions to go from! I fidgeted, and flustered to finally win that game, and now I have friends who actually talk to me - LOL!

  5. This is a terrific (and most timely) post. Appreciate the instructions, as I sometimes get this too. Sometimes I can click on the blogger's name, and get to their blog, but this doesn't always work. Another problem is that I don't do the Google+ circles, and sometimes I can get to the person to return a visit, sometimes not. So thanks for posting this!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all of this info with us, Loll! I just sent myself an email, and will make an adjustment, if needed!
    Hope you had a really wonderful weekend!

  7. Thanks for the information Loll ..... off to check out it all out now. Have a fabulous week xx

  8. Hmmm - I am on Google+ and can't change - as there are a lot of "unwanted" male followers that I didn't realise I could block earlier, I think I might give notice of the change, and go back to plain 'ole blogger! Thanks for the info Loll

  9. oh Loll....I learn so much great info from you!! Thanks for this note, it made me go and check out my own profile.

  10. Thanks so much - I just checked, and sure enough, I was one of those!

  11. Thank you for sharing this.... I've now altered mine! I often wondered about the 'no-reply - blogger bit and now you've thrown light onto it!

    Christine x

  12. TFS Loll...I just added my email. Hugs, Nancy

  13. Thanks for this, I finally managed to do this after I found out that my profile was Google+ and not blogger, and I wanted it to be Blogger. Changed now. Still seem to have my followers but may have lost the blogs I follow. Thanks for the top tip.


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